May 5th, 2007

Level Up!

Well, as of today, I'm a fifth level chaotic-good cleric. I hear this is where I start to get some of the really cool spells. We'll find out. But first, a retrospective...

The fourth year of my ministry might be appropriately characterized as


and summarized with "served as President of the Board of Governors at the Channing-Murray Foundation."

Read all about it...Collapse )

And yet, the blessing amidst the Bureaucracy has been the rediscovery of the core of my faith--the experience of forgiveness and communion that practically defines church for me. Peers in ministry may come and go, but these are things I can carry with me wherever I worship. And that is worth bucketloads of XP.

So LEVEL UP, once again. I'm still in the game, at least for one more year.

God bless us all; God knows we need it.

Peace & Slack,
Reverend Jack

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