Jack Ditch (revjack) wrote,
Jack Ditch

Pirates of the Unitarians!

I've got a blog now, for recording my adventures in the local Unitarian Universalist community:


As a Discordian, I found myself frequently at odds with some of the local UU leadership over their belief in rules. I don't believe in rules the way some people around here don't believe in God; I think they're figments of our imagination that we invent so that we can pretend that there's some amount of order to the universe. It's not that I was going out of my way to be a rulebreaker, it's just that I didn't really care what they said one way or the other.

So, rather than continue to deal with a bunch of greyfaces freaked out that one of their leaders didn't care about the rules, I resigned all position of official leadership in the community and declared myself a pirate. Hoisting the Chalice & Crossbones, I'm out on a mission to help remind my dearly beloved UU friends that you can't legislate morality or spirituality. Idunno if it will lead to religious revolution or just get me kicked out of the local congregation, but whatever happens, I'm gonna blog about it.

So add it to your bookmarks! Tell your friends! It is awesome!
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