Jack Ditch (revjack) wrote,
Jack Ditch

Open-Mic Worship Service

Once a month at Channing-Murray, I've started hosting an "Open Mic" worship service--best described to IMSA folks as Club Pseudo meets Sunday Church. I've done three so far and gotten about a dozen people at each. Everyone brings their own icons and adornments for the altaworship table, and we take turns reading from our respective scriptures, leading each other in song, lighting candles of joy and concern, meditating, preaching. We're even multimedia enabled. My two contributions last week were to sing along with NIN's "Year Zero" as an example of a "Kyrie Eleison" and play a scene from the movie "Jeffrey" where Nathan Lane plays a gay priest explaining the meaning of life. We also had a woman sing fantastic Hindu hymn, and another woman sang an earthmother song, both very beautiful to hear. There was a dude who was just passing through town, traveled a lot on weekends for his job and so visited a different UU church each week, who told us about how he had just given up his car in favor of a bicycle & public transit. Several poems were read, candles were lit and prayers were said, and much more...it was awesome church.

Usually these are on Sunday (I hope to stabalize that to the Nth Sunday of the month by early fall) but the next one is Saturday May 19th at 1pm-ish, as part of the fifth annual Midwest Discordian Ministry Assembly. Anyone who's reading this--give a shout if you want more info.
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