Jack Ditch (revjack) wrote,
Jack Ditch

What wouldn't Jesus do?

This is in regard to one of the posts mentioned at here and includes my answers:

Would Jesus knowingly allow terrorists, murderers, rapists, child molestors, theives, and the like to freely enter into our country illegally?


Would Jesus support providing illegal criminals with FREE health care


Would Jesus KNOWINGLY provide illegal criminals with FREE education?


Would Jesus Christ want to knowingly grant amnesty to a pack of illegal animals that just gang raped a young teenage girl?

For God's sake, yes. Perhaps you missed the memo about forgiveness.

Would Jesus share George Bush's "compassion" for such criminals?

Probably moreso.

Would Jesus Christ twice take an oath to protect His country from invasion

Nope, probably not.

and then immediately commit TREASON against Americans by ABSOLUTELY REFUSING to secure our borders?

But he might do this.

Would Jesus Christ go behind the backs of His fellow citizens and make an agreement with a foreign government to provide social security benefits for that government's citizens and the time they were here illegally?

No, he'd probably do it up front.

Would Jesus Christ have the same definition for compassion as George W. Bush?

I'd guess not, but maybe.

Did Jesus Christ die for all of those that will repent and submit themselves to Him?

He also died for those who won't.

Far be it from me to speak for the Son of God, but I do believe the only question that would have an answer of "yes" here would be the last question that I posed.

I weep for the state of religious education in this country.

However, Jesus does believe in justice and the rule of law.

Oh, I'm sure he *believes* in them, given that the ostensible point of his death was to overcome our inevitable death at the hands of justice and law alone.

With Bush's border and immigration policy being so treasonous and disgraceful, it's a wonder that he could possibly expect anyone to want to follow any laws. What's the point?

Eternal life through the forgiveness of God.
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